Web Design & Development

Your website is your most important marketing tool, its
the foundation of your entire business. With a streamlined design,
your website will show off your brand, products, and services, and
increase your online search ranking.

Web Design

From the outset, you will find the experience a pleasant one ! Whatever sort of site your after, I will make sure its linked together and flows freely so that customer navigation is simple. Your site will also be "responsive," which basically means it can viewed easily on a phone, tablet, and PC. I can build a website for you that either you can maintain, or I can maintain the site for you.

E-commerce Design

Being situated in Berkeley, im near Dursley and Gloucestershire. Im local, and can offer a level of work and service that I feel would be incredibly hard to beat. Whether you're starting a new business, starting a new shop, or looking to expand your existing business, I'd love to talk to you about how I can help.


If you're running a internet based business and you need your website Hosting, then I have the perfect solution for you. My hosting is offered with stability, performance and reliability in mind. Above the hosting I provide throughout Gloucestershire is affordable, keeping annuall costs to a minimum without any compromise on service.

Content Management Systems

A Content Management System (also known as CMS) is a software application that allows users to add to and change content and images within a website. If you need a CMS then I can integrate one into your website design. There are lots of opensource applications on the internet, I will discuss with you the various options based on your needs and skill level and advise you of the most relevant system. Once your sites designed I will provide you with full training. Don't panic the training doesn't take long and I will always be there to support you.

Adding customer confidence with SSL

The SSL Certificate is something you hear about on the TV, its more commonly known as the browser padlock. If your site doesn't display one then you maybe missing out. I will explain. Google promotes websites that are secure, so if your site hasn't got one you will find that you won't rank as well as a site that does. More importantly the padlock (SSL) is required on ecommerce websites as shows that any data exchanged over your website is as secure as it can be. This vital when taking customers payment details.

Web Maintenance Service

Your perspective customers and visitors of your website deserve new, fresh relevant and up-to-date information about your product and services. Keeping content current and fresh in your website helps to ensure customers engage in what your business is about. Also, it is vital to update a Website continuously to increase its search engine ranking. If you are in retail or service business you need to update changes of product pricing and packaging, and services ASAP.
With business owners having less and less time to make these changes and ensure content changes are added as and when required, I have developed a system that gives me the time to manage your website for you. Please ask for further information.


I will go through your site and find its strengths and weaknesses. From this I will devise a plan of action that will make your web site work with both online and offline SEO strategies. Ultimateley driving more visitor and potential customers to your website.


Ongoing SEO is way forward. Search engines such as Google change the way they rank websites all the time. I can be on hand for you to make the necessary changes to the content both on your website and to other areas of your online marketing strategy in order for your SEO campaign to become effective and get those new customers to you. The level of commitment to ensure this works can mean as little as an hour of my time a month.

Social Media Marketing

While Social Marketing can often be ignored, its one of the key areas required in order make your online business work. In order to achieve a successful social media marketing campaign I will need to learn about the client's business, its website goals, its existing social media presence, and its competitors in order to provide a strategy that attracts the right clients to your website.
Once this as accomplished the rewards can be remarkable. I have one customer who solely only markets his business via social media, for everyone thats not ideal but for him it works.